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Publié le 21 octobre 2011
GOT-It: CEDRAT New Optimization Tool. Enjoy it!
CEDRAT is pleased to announce the release of its new software solution. GOT-It optimization software comes on board to join the community of CEDRAT modeling tools (Flux, InCa3D, Portunus) and offers the ability to boost their capabilities to dene the best device conguration(s).
Based on the technology developed by J.L. Coulomb in G2Elab, GOT-It is a powerful and reliable optimization tool which can solve any optimization problem (with one or several objectives, and with or without constraints). A full range of optimization algorithms (genetic, conjugate gradients, Niching,...) enables the user to select the best method for his application. A user friendly interface with interactive commands helps the user to easily dene and optimize his problem. Thanks to its advanced functionalities for indirect optimization, model reduction and sensitivity analysis, GOT-It can efciently boost the design & optimization process of any industrial device. Cedrat News 62 www.cedrat.com
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