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Research group: Power Electronics

Running responsabilities

Director of G2Elab

Reseach Interests

EMI in Power Converters, Power converters design, Fast switching, parasitic components, Power HF interconnections

Teaching Activities

power electronics : components and systems, Electromagnetic Compatibility


USA (CEPES), JAPAN (Tsukuba, MTU), Schneider Electric, ALSTOM, HAGER,…


B. Revol, J. Roudet, J.L. Schanen, P.Loizelet
EMI study of a three phase inverter-Fed Motor Drives,
IEEE Transactions on IAS, Vol 47 n° 1 January/Feb 2011

J.L.Schanen, James Roudet
Built-in EMC for Integrated Power Electronics Systems*
EPE Journal Vol. 21 no 1 March 2011

T.Baidy-Birame, J-L.Schanen, L.Gerbaud, J.Roudet
“EMC Modeling of Drives for Aircraft Applications: Modeling Process, EMI Filter Optimization and Technological choice”
IEEE trans Power Electronics vol 28, 3 (Feb 2013) 1145 – 1156

E.Clavel, Thanh-Son Tran, J.Aimé, G.Meunier, J.Roudet
“Far Field Extrapolation from Near Field Interactions and
Shielding Influence Investigations Based on a FE-PEEC
Coupling Method”
Electronics 2013, 2, 80-93; doi:10.3390/electronics2010080, ISSN 2079-9292,

Date of update December 3, 2018

Equipe de recherche

Keywords :
power electronics, Electromagnetic Compatibility, power converter design, switching semiconductor analysis


G2Elab - ENSE3
Bâtiment GreEn-ER
21 avenue des martyrs
CS 90624
38031 Grenoble Cedex 1, France

Tél: +33 (0)4 76 82 62 75
Fax: +33 (0)4 76 82 63 00


Laboratoire de Génie Electrique de Grenoble
Bâtiment GreEn-ER, 21 avenue des martyrs, CS 90624
38031 Grenoble CEDEX 1

Tél. +33 (0)4 76 82 62 99

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