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Au centre de l'innovation en énergie électrique, partageons projets, compétences et savoir faire.

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Six disciplinary research teams

These teams host the scientific life of the lab and hold the fundamental skills and competences needed in the research projects

A joint collaborative research center

The « ERDF industrial chair of excellence on smartgrids » results ERDF's willingness to fund research, teaching and dissemination activities around the topic of future power distribution networks. The chair is hosted by Grenoble INP’s non-profit « Fondation Partenariale ».

A specific thematic group

G2Elab holds a quite unique competence on low magnetic fields, especially related to magnetic discretion of ships. The ERT CMF group is gathering the researchers and technical staff working on this field.

Date of update November 22, 2018

Univ. Grenoble Alpes