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The enhancement of research

G2Elab has a long tradition of industrial partnerships.
Collaborations may take various forms, ranging from occasional studies to research contracts on shared goals. Some collaborations have even been transformed into "framework agreements" or common research labs mixing academic staff and industry engineers, our best example being the  research group shared for already 8 years between Schneider Electric, EDF and G2Elab: the  GIE-IDEA.  
Results of research, allows companies to gain a competitive edge through patents, new processes or software.
GE2lab is also  actively supporting spin offs and start-up.

Our collaborations

G2Elab is very much involved in contractual relationships since more than 70% of our resources are related to partnerships with industry.
Our partner list is long and covers the whole spectrum of electric power, from large companies to SMEs. Over 50% of our PhD students are committed in industrial innovation through various type of conventions (CIFRE, mainly but also bilateral contracts).

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