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Low Magnetic Fields Metrology Laboratory

The Low Magnetic Fields Metrology Laboratory (LMMCF) was built in 1993 in Herbeys, a village close to Grenoble (10 km), in a magnetically stable environment, far away from all industrial or human magnetic perturbation. We can test quite big devices in a very stable and uniform magnetic field, with a perfect control on its magnitude and orientation. We can perfectly measure the magnetic anomalies in zero field or in all possible configurations of Earth field. It is primarily used for research on military ship’s magnetism, but also, for example, to test satellite magnetometers or equipment for military clearance divers.

Interior view of LMMCF main measurement building


More on LMMCF facility equipments and performances


In LMMCF, main measurement facility houses a magnetic field simulator able to very precisely generate any kind of uniform magnetic field present on Earth, or in space, in a large volume (2 m diameter, 15 m long) with a very good homogeneity (better than 0.1 %).
It houses also:
  • a deperming equipment: inside the simulator, a low frequency deperming equipment is composed of 10 square shake coils, one by one meter inside useful cross section. High power linear power supplies allow shake amplitude as high as 4800 A/m on the whole internal volume, with a frequency from quasi-static (0.01 Hz) up to 40 Hz.
  • for on-site measurements: we own over hundred magnetometers and gradiometers, mostly of fluxgate type (vector measurements), and a high performance data acquisition system is available.
  • a metrological Magnetic Characterization Laboratory (LCM).
  • a whole set of autonomous and portable equipment to take magnetic measurements on the field.

More on LMMCF facility equipments and performances


The LMMCF is mainly dedicated to experimental validations of the G2Elab CMF research team works concerning naval magnetic discretion and to very precise measurements. We share most of our main experimental equipments with DGA/GESMA. The unique geographic site is shared with the CEA-LETI which uses and operates five other small measurement buildings. LMMCF can also be used through collaborations with academic, state and industry partners.
The LMMCF facility is unique in Europe. It contributes significantly in raising the visibility of the CMF team toward French and international partners.
Parameters calibration in the LCM
Laboratoire de Génie Electrique de Grenoble
Bâtiment GreEn-ER, 21 avenue des martyrs, CS 90624, 38031 Grenoble CEDEX 1, FRANCE

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