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About G2Elab
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The G2ELab is organized into 6 disciplinary teams, each of them being based on a recognized scientific field of expertise. These teams are hosting the skills and the tools needed to face the research projects they have to deal with.

The laboratory's Scientific Council is the place to talk about scientific strategy and development of new research areas. These discussions are fed by technological surveys and analysis of industrial or academic road maps.

G2Elab fosters innovation by funding rather fundamental researches either on its own budget or thanks to the support of the Institut Carnot "Energies of the Future". This ability to support emerging areas that may lead to technological breakthroughs is rather uncommon and helps the laboratory to keep its scientific lead.

G2Elab is continuously maintaining and developing its experimental means, generally through large research platforms. The laboratory has the ability to realize and test prototypes of new devices it has designed thanks to a technical staff in the areas of mechanics, electricity, electronics, instrumentation and computers science.

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